Help with Survey Question not printing Question & Response on Results slide

Apr 28, 2021

Hey there,

I wanted to build a custom Survey for users to enter their free form (short answer) responses too, then collect the responses on a single printable results file.

I used the Survey Question, Short Answer basic template. Then added the Synergy Results slide.

On the Form view for each quesiton, the Enter The Question field, i put the question. There is an answer box on the Slide View.

Using Submit button in the player, the trigger is set to Submit Answer when user clicks Submit (for each survey question -1 per slide). THen another trigger, Jump to Next Slide when user clicks Submit.

On the last survey slide, i have the Submit trigger (same as above), but the 2nd trigger is Submit Results.

When i demoed the block, 1. My name prompt came up behind the Results view, and the Results view had; 1. No Questions Listed, and 2. No Answers.

Any idea what could the settings be to collect both Questions & Answers?

Thank you for any & all advice!!


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