Timing animation for a list of bullet points

Jul 23, 2013


I've created a text box, included 5 bullet points and I wanted to know if there is a workaround to be able to time those bullets separately?  Right now I just create 5 separate text boxes and move them on the timeline.  Too much work!  Is there a simplier way to animate those 5 points, one at a time along with narration?  Or, am I stuck doing it with the 5 separate text boxes?

extra info: I did choose Animation, Fade, by First Level Paragraph.


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Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Heather.

Thank you for reaching out!

If you publish your project in a different format (web or Review 360), do you experience the same?

If not, it might be a good idea to rule out LMS issues by testing your course with SCORM Cloud. Check out this step-by-step article!

If you still see the same behavior in the other published formats or in SCORM Cloud, or if you need our help testing, the next step would be to open a support case here, so we can take a closer look at your project.