TIN CAN not sending Fail Status to LMS

Jun 25, 2020

Hi All,

We have a quiz module built in SL. We want the course to show as "complete" within the Absorb LMS when it is failed so that the learners cannot take it a second time. We are using Tin Can. Right now, when learners fail the exam it shows as "in process" and they can take it a second time.

Is there some way to get the reporting of Tin Can, show the course as "complete" when they fail, and not allow them to take the exam a second time?

NOTE #1: We want the rich reporting that's possible in Tin Can. 

NOTE #2: Actually, we want the learner to be able to take the quiz twice before they are blocked from taking it a third time, but I was worried that might complicate the primary question.

Any information or possible workarounds would be appreciated!

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Sam Hill

Hi Keith, I'm pretty sure that Storyline already does what you are asking it to do in regards to the two statuses.

For example, if your Storyline module includes a quiz, the quiz (http://adlnet.gov/expapi/activities/objective) will record a result > success: true/false and the course (http://adlnet.gov/expapi/activities/course) will record a result > success: true/false and completion: true/false

Completion is true when the Storyline module is tracked based on the results slide and result > success is true/false on the quiz objective.

It may be that the LMS is not handling completion: true on the course how you would expect?

Here's an example of how these statuses are interpreted in SCORM Cloud.

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