Tin Can - Outcomes and How they work?

Hi there, 

I am experimenting with Tin Can in Scorm Cloud. I have read quite a few sources, but still could not get a few details.

I would like to understand how a particular action translates into an outcome in the LRS and how we can adjust these. Let me explain.

I have a simple course with three slides. The simplest of things really - a blank slide, a quiz slide with a multiple-choice question and a Results slide.

Following is

1-What I see in the report in the LRS Viewer in Scorm Cloud.

2-What events correspond in the Storyline project.



LRS reads -"Bobby launched 'http://fdsfdskfdsl_course_id"

What I did in Storyline - I started the module

Note: I guess this one makes sense. 



LRS reads -"Bobby attempted 'Title_of the_Course'"

What I did in Storyline - I started the module

Note: Why 'attempted'? The meaning here is that I have started the course. What is the difference between the 'launched' above and 'attempted' here? I understand they are on different levels but still... 



LRS reads -"Bobby experienced '1.Name of the slide with the question''"

What I did in Storyline - I viewed the slide called '1.Name of the slide with the question'

Note: Is the word 'experienced properly used here? Actually, I see that 'experienced' is used for every slide I viewed. How do we change the names of the outcomes? For instance, how could I change the outcome 'experienced' to something else?



LRS reads -"Bobby correctly answered 'Pick Many' with response 'choice_67tDVtZdqIJ' with score 1'"

What I did in Storyline - "I answered the multiple-choice question on the slide called '1.Name of the slide with the question'"

Note: Where do I see the response id – i.e. 'choice_67tDVtZdqIJ'? Where could I adjust that? Are the other incorrect options having ids too? Or there is one id for a question and when the user gives correct response the score is 1, and when the answer is incorrect the score is zero?



LRS reads -"passed' 'Title_of the_Course' with score 100%.

What I did in Storyline - I reached the Quiz Results slide and got 100% score.

Note: I guess that this one is self-explanatory.


More questions.

1.Could we trace if a user has clicked on the Glossary or Resources button?

2. Are there any other outcomes than the following?

  • launched
  • attempted
  • experienced
  • correctly answered
  • passed

3.Could I create a button and assign an outcome for it? In other words, the outcome will be there when someone clicks on it?


Thank you so much in advance.



PS. I have reviewed this explanation and I understand a bit better some of the topics: https://www.articulate.com/tincanapi/ 

However, I did not get how one could set an objective? This is what one could find

"Articulate content groups interactions together using review slides. A review slide is defined using a Tin Can objective. A course can have one or more objectives. Additionally, a review slide can also group together other review slides."

How do we set objectives that are not necessary a quiz question but rather an interaction, clicking a button, dragging a slider, etc?


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Justin Grenier

Greetings, Bobby.

Please let me know if I've misunderstood, but it sounds like our Implementing Tin Can to support Articulate content article answered most of your initial questions, save one:  

How do we set objectives that are not necessary a quiz question but rather an interaction, clicking a button, dragging a slider, etc?

In Storyline's implementation of the Tin Can API, an objective is always a result slide, and an interaction is always a scored or survey question.  If you were coding  Tin Can API content by hand you could likely define objectives and interactions as you see fit, but for better or worse, content authored in Storyline is bound by these constraints.

Having said that, there are lots of creative ways to create interactive questions that are submitted via Tin Can API, or to use a slider in a graded or survey question that is sent to the LMS.

Lastly, you'll also find some really great discussion threads here and here on how you might be able to use JavaScript to really push Storyline's Tin Can tracking to its absolute limits.  Our Support Team can't support that level of advanced JavaScript though, so the community is your best resource on that.

Good luck with your project!