Tin can Package wont upload to Blackboard

Sep 18, 2012

We installed the update to our scorm building block in Blackboard that includes the Tin Can support.

 I published a storyline package and ziped it up and targeted tin can.

When i upload a scorm package in Blackboard it throws an error thats unidentified.

How would i upload a tin can package?

As a zip

or a content folder?

Is there a tutorial on how to install a tin can package out there?



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Josh Janikowski

Should the package contain a manifest file or just the tincan.xml file (along with the other content files.)

I found some other tin can examples and the ones with a manifest.xml files seem to upload to blackboard and the examples with out a manifest file throw that same error.

Is storyline not producing the manifest file it needs to?

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