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Because of the nature of our courses, we have started using Tin Can API, and being of very little brain, I don't really know much about it, so I'm just hoping for some suggestions on this problem.

Using SCORM 2, our LMS provider was able to force our content to talk to the LMS when the content was unexpectedly closed, giving users a fighting chance of retaining the score they had achieved up to that point. The nature of our organisation means that's not uncommon, doctors often drop a learning module to do something more urgent, and expect to see their progress to that point recorded.

We've lost that option with Tin Can, Rustici, in short, say it can't be done, and the 'early stop logic' would have to be part of the course code itself. I'm just wondering if anyone has experienced this , and could suggest a way of applying that early stop logic to a course in terms a simple person like myself would be able to use?

Thanks in advance :-)


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Paul Williams

Hi  Wendy, but no, not that....

Resume is working fine. The question is about the lesson talking to the LMS and reporting results. Using SCORM2 if, for example, you had a system crash, SCORM would attempt to get the results to that point from the lesson, and it was usually successful. This meant that the user would see  something like 'Incomplete, 35%' on their training record when they went back in. This was through an option called 'Finish Causes Immediate Commit'.

Tin Can doesn't have those options, and it means that if they come out of the lesson before they get to the results screen, their record doesn't even show they've started the lesson. I've done a couple of screenshots to show the differences between the settings. I get a feeling I'm gonna have to live with it, but I just wondered if anyone had any ideas on how to force that immediate commit. :-) 


Thanks Wendy :-)