Tin Can/xAPI tracking issues - complete/incomplete with a Results Slide

Jun 08, 2016

When publishing for SCORM/AICC output you can choose from 4 sets of verbs (completed/incomplete, completed/failed, ...etc) to send out to the LMS. When you publish for TinCan/xAPI you do not have the option to choose the verbs sent. It seems that if you set up xAPI completion based on a Results Slide the verbs are Passed/Failed and if it is based on Slides Viewed then the verbs are Completed/Incomplete.  Is that correct?


I have client that wants a graded assessment but with a Completed/Incomplete result in their LMS. Is there anyway to do this?

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Randall Sauchuck

I solved my own problem by adding a second Results Slide to handle the Completion parameter separately from the Success parameter.

The problem was that whenever a user takes the Assessment (whether they pass or fail) Storyline sends a completion value of Complete to the LMS. the client wanted that value to remain  Incomplete until the user passed the Assessment.

The first Result slide determines only if the user has Passed or Failed the Assessment (Success). The second Results slide is only accessible if the user passes the Assessment. If the user Passes then the second Results Slide sends the Completion message to the LMS in addition to the Passed result and the Score from the first Results slide and Time of completion.

moni baruah


I am working with a client who is developing some course using Articulate. I will be developing an LMS from scratch, the technology I am looking to develop using M.E.A.N. Does anyone in the group has experience working with TinCan/SCORM APIs to track the progress of the course and store it in an LRS

I am looking for developer who has work on it before and to get the detail please send me a PM

Thank you!