TinCAN loading yields an error



I'm having an error loading to my LMS a TinCAN file published with StoryLine.

Here's the error message:

Error while saving DB activity information; error(s): Array ( [name] => Array ( [0] => Name cannot be blank. ) )

The LMS knowledge base says this could be linked to a wrong xml file in the TinCAN object; any clue of what could be the root cause?

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Katie Riggio

Greetings, simondavide!

I'm sorry you're running into that roadblock, and would love to help you nail down the culprit. 

What LMS are you using? Would you also be willing to share your .story file for testing? You can send it privately to us by using this link. We'll gauge the performance in another LMS environment like SCORM Cloud, and delete it after troubleshooting!