TinCan overwriting my previous score

Mar 30, 2015

Anybody having a problem with TinCan overwriting the current score/status? Using SL1, I uploaded a TinCan quiz into an LMS. 

Passing the quiz, I get the completed status. However, if I retake the quiz and intentionally fail it, the LMS records it and gives me the "not passed" message. Although it is still marked complete. Is that a TinCan issue? Because I tried uploading the same quiz in the LMS but in SCORM and it always retain the highest score.

As a side note, my TinCan quiz updates the LMS once the window is closed whereas with SCORM, it updates once it reaches the Results slide, which is what I want. Is there an option in TinCan so that it will also update the LMS once in the Results slide?

Thanks in advance for any info you can shed into this issue.

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