Tips for creating a custom character with many states

I am working on an interactive comic to allow language learners to acquire French while reading an exciting story - an update version of the musketeers. For this I would like to have my custom characters (rendered in 3d software) with multiple states that are the emotions. I plan to build the character on a separate resource slice and then add them in to scenes where they appear. My questions are...

  • Is there a quick way to load all the images into one "button" with the states defined by filename (rather than 1 by 1 taking forever)?
  • Is there such a thing as too many states? My characters have about 24 different positions for their conversations and will have another 24 for action scenes. 

Thanks for taking time to read my inquiry. I would love to hear from those of you with more articulate experience...i.e. everyone.

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Michael Hinze

Regarding the first question: No, there is no way to bulk import images into individual states of an object.

Regarding the second question: If there is a limit the the number of states, then I haven't reached it yet. In the past, I have created image objects with 200+ states without issues. It may take a bit of time tough to initially load a slide with lots of image objects and lots of states. Test early, and test often!