Title Slide Audio Doesn't play or module doesn't allow completion

Dec 21, 2018


I am having difficulty with several modules playing audio upon launch or functioning all the way to the end of the module. Here's a little background:

  • Courses recently began having sporadic issues--failure to launch; unable to advance to the next slide mid-way through; etc.--quirky one offs on Chrome. Now they are not playing correctly in IE, either.
  • I have been re-publishing modules to HTML5/Flash backup, resolving most course issues, but not all

I really hope there is someone out there who can share some insight! I have attached are two of modules that are not loading properly.

Thank you!


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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Joy!  Thanks for sharing your project files.  I published them and hosted them in SCORM Cloud, an LMS testing environment we use to gauge course performance.  Here is my output:

Benefits (Storyline 360): https://cloud.scorm.com/sc/InvitationConfirmEmail?publicInvitationId=a5d0bfd6-a3e1-4bc1-b1ea-40cac42808e6

Wow (Storyline 2): https://cloud.scorm.com/sc/InvitationConfirmEmail?publicInvitationId=b6293dc7-1dbf-4bf9-9c30-6b55daad1f75  

I was able to view both courses in their entirety without any issues.  Can you test my links and let me know if you're seeing anything different on your end?  Also, I'm on Chrome v71.  How about you?  Thanks!

Joy McGinty

Hi Crystal! Thank you for responding so quickly to my cry for help. So, here;'s where it stands as of now. I published to Articulate Review and could not complete. I published to our LMS and could not complete. You published to SCORM Cloud and they complete. Does that give you any clues as to where the issue may reside? I am unable to connect the dots here.

One other factor I didn't mention, is that some of the places they hang up are Engage .intr elements.

Katie Riggio

Hello, Joy. Hope you had a great holiday!

If the courses work as expected in SCORM Cloud, that tells us that the issue lies within the LMS' output. However, if you're seeing the same problems in Review, too, we'll need to keep digging to find that culprit!

Here are my Review links (published with Storyline 360, Update 23):

As my teammate, Crystal, I'm able to view both the SCORM Cloud links and Review URLs all the way through without any issues on Chrome 71. Could you let us know what Storyline 360 update you're using? To find this detail, click on the Help tab > About Storyline.

We'll get to the bottom of this together!

Joy McGinty

Hi Katie,

Eureka! I was on Storyline 3.20.16814.0. Once I upgraded to the latest version and re-published the files, everything began playing as expected. I am not sure why that would be, since they were both developed in previous versions. Regardless, I'm back in business.

My thanks to both you and Crystal for your efforts in troubleshooting this with me. First sign of trouble in the future, I will update to the latest version before reaching out :)

Happy New Year!

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