Audio not-playing / repeating issue

Feb 17, 2014

We've a native iOS player for launching SCORM courses. We're facing the following issues with courses authored in Storyline having audio.

1. Audio in the first slide doesn't play on launch, but after navigating forward and coming back to the first slide plays the audio. This doesn't happen with Articulate Mobile Player

2. In all slides, audio starts playing for a couple of seconds and then it restarts

These behaviors is not observed in mobile safari or desktop browsers. Would you be able to give some pointers on where in the course we should look for possible issues.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Naveen,

With a iOS player that you created yourself, I wouldn't know where for you to begin looking, especially since it all works as expected within mobile safari and the mobile player. Are you unable to use the HTML5 output in mobile safari? Are you able to play any audio within this app?

You may want to look into the system requirements for viewing Storyline  here to help get you started. 

Naveen B

Hi Ashley,

Thank you for your support. We wanted to do a detailed testing before getting back to you – that’s why the delay. Following are our observations:

Desktop browser(Chrome)

Mobile Safari

iOS App

Course launched from a local LMS

Works fine

Works fine


Course launched from a local HTTP server (non-LMS)

Works fine

Works fine (launches in Articulate Mobile Player)

Works fine

Course launched from local memory



Audio issues

In our testing we found that courses residing in the memory of the device when served through a native app (using UIWebView) had problems with triggering audio related events. When served from a server, audio works fine in both browsers and app.

We've developed a simple iOS7 app and a couple of courses to demonstrate this issue. Would appreciate if you could just try to take a look at it as we believe many others may also face the same issue. 

Naveen B

Hi Ashley,

The iOS7 app bundled with two courses can be accessed from Dropbox link (4.7Mb size). The app and two courses are specifically built to demonstrate the issue we came across. 

Following are my observations:

Course 1: Art_Check_All_Auto



·         Page 1-5 has audio with auto-play

·         Page 1-5 has auto-navigation on media complete



·         Page 1 doesn’t auto-play

·         After manually going to Page 2, audio auto-plays and automatically navigates to Page 3

·         But in Page 3, audio doesn’t play

·         On clicking [Next], Page 4 audio auto-play and automatically navigates to Page 5

·         But in Page 5, audio doesn’t play

 ·         Audio in Page 3, 5 plays when navigating back to these pages

 ·         Sometimes audio restarts in a page


Course 2: Art_Check_SCORM_Audio_Auto_Online



·         No audio on page 1

·         Page 2-5 has audio with auto-play

·         Page 2-5 has NO auto-navigation on media complete



·         Everything works as expected

·         But audio frequently breaks while playing and restarts in between when we use [Prev] button

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