Toggle box on a Try Mode screencast slide

Help! Maybe I'm missing something obvious, but I'd sure appreciate any help I can get.

I am updating a current course developed in a different authoring tool and moving it over to Storyline. The course is 85% technical steps. There are nearly 100 interactions and we will be screencasting them to include in Try Mode.

The current course has instruction boxes directing the learner to step through the process. If the learner clicks the wrong place in the slide, an error let's them know to try again. So that the learner can see more of the system screenshot, the client requests to make the instructions expanded when the slide is accessed, but available to collapse if desired.

I created the toggle box and added it (you can see it in my attached .story file), BUT the toggle button engages the error the same as clicking any other location outside of the hotspot. Blah!

Is this just a case of adding a variable? I hope not because that means I'll need to add it to every slide in all 100 screencasts. Or, is there another option for me besides the toggle box? If so, I'd love help with understanding a way to do this with the least amount of effort.

Sorry this is a novel ;-). In the words of my ever wise husband, Mark Anderson, "If it was easy anyone could do it!"

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