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Jan 11, 2013

Hi all,

There are a few conversation on the forum about this, but I haven't found anything truly conclusive yet, so here it is.

We would like to know how to toggle our courses in full screen, and by that we mean the true full screen, not just 100% of the browser. But the entire fullscreen of the computer, outside the boundary of the browser.

When publishing in flash, there is normally a way to tell the stage to go fullscreen, using Action Script, and the variables below:

  • StageDisplayState.FULL_SCREEN
  • Stage.DisplayState.NORMAL

The issue is that we're not too sure how to use these from within articulate courses. If anyone knows, that'd be really helpful.

Also, we noticed recently that when publishing a course in flash, you can actually get it to display in fullscreen, by double clicking the title of the course within the player. It seems a bit erratic, and sometimes you have to try 3 or 4 times, but eventually, the content displays in fullscreen. Also, it doesn't work if you double click anywhere on the course, it has to be on the course title , that display at the top in the player.

-> Is that by design ?

-> Is there a way to make this work "properly" without having to double click the title several times ?

Many thanks everyone, happy to give further detail if need be.


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Greg!

You should be able to accomplish this. You'll just need to make some changes to the player settings.

First, take a look at this quick example I put together. In the example, you'll see how the browser and the story launch entirely in full screen. I believe this is what you're trying to do, if not, please let me know. 

I'm also attaching the example, just in case you want to take a closer look at how I did this.

Also, here are the settings that I used in the Player Properties:

To access these settings, click on "Player"> and "Other".

Now, if you don't want to "lock" the browser at fullscreen, you can select the option to "allow the user to resize browser". For an even more full screen effect, you can also use the option to "Display window with no browser controls".

Let me know if this works for you.


Christine Hendrickson

Also, I wanted to mention one thing:

It is by design that the user will need to double-click on the browser window for the window to resize in some cases. This is the default method for most browsers to enter full screen mode. If you don't use a launch page, and depending on the browser used, you may have to do this. However, you should only need to double-click once on the top of the window where the title is shown (the top of the browser window) for it to open in full screen. An alternative is pressing F11 on your keyboard (press it again to exit full screen).

Admin Rehoba

Hi Christine,

Thanks a lot for taking the time to respond and do the test file! However, the "full screen" you show in your first reply, is not the "true full screen" I wanted to achieve, I'm after the F11 one, where the content takes the entire space of the computer screen, covering all windows.

Also, thanks for confirming that the double click in the header to toggle full screen is actually by design, I was wondering that. The issue we have is that:

- It's not obvious for students that they can do that. We haven't found a way to insert a message, or anything suggesting to students that they can double click the title to go full screen.

- We could say somewhere: press f11 to go full screen, but that doesn't work on Mac and since our users are both Windows and Mac, we need something that works for both.

So we're a bit stuck. Ideally, we'd like to add a button that you can just click and it would toggle the content in full screen. Is that possible at all ?



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