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Jul 11, 2017

Hi all,

I'm using Storyline 2 and am having an issue with multiple toggle switches on the same slide.

The intent is that the user can select any combination of data sets using the toggle switches on the right side of the slide (see attached). In other words, they work as a set of on/off switches, letting the user turn on any combination of the four data sets on this slide.

Everything actually works just the way it is designed, but it doesn't LOOK like it works! Here's what I mean.

Choose any toggle switch, and that data set turns on. Select it again, and the data set turns off. And the state of the toggle switch follows the same patter. Normal state displays when you have NOT selected the data ("off"), and shows the selected state when you DO select the data ("on"). All four switches work properly.

Now here is where it gets weird.

Turn "on" any data set. Now turn "on" any other data set. By design, both data sets should display--and they do, so it works. BUT...when you select the second data set, it returns the state of the first toggle you selected to "Normal." In other words, it makes the switch like it is turned "off," but the data is still displayed as if it is in the "on" position. AND THE TOGGLE SWITCH STILL ACTS LIKE IT IS IN THE "ON" POSITION. (Emphasis...not yelling. :-) )

Go back to the first toggle switch and select it again. Now it turns the data set off, and keeps the state of the switch in the "off" position. But it also just turned the state of the second switch to "off," even though that data set is still  "on" as well!

All I want is for the toggle to match the data. If the data is showing, the corresponding toggle should be in the "selected" ("on") state. If the data is not showing, the toggle should be "normal" ("off") state. And since the programming is working that way, it tells me the variables are working, and such. So why does clicking one toggle change the state of all the other toggles on the screen???

Whew! That was harder to explain in writing than demonstrate in the attached file. Thanks in advance for any help!

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