Too much content for a quiz question slide

Hi, I was provided with content for a quiz. The subject is law. Therefore, the questions contain lots of information. Also the answers are really long. There is no way I can fit this into one slide. Does anyone have an idea how to solve this problem? Is it may be possible to build buttons on the question slide, where the learner can click to see the complete answers he can choose from? May be the  question can be on a previous blanc slide. Looking forward to suggestions!

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Ralf  Baum

Hi Marjolein,

using buttons to reveal the complete answer on a quiz slide is very critical. My idea would be to make 2 slides:

Slide no.1: Question, 4 Buttons with layers and the complete answer on these layers - on the base layer you should make a hint that the user should memorize the correct answer because on the next page is a quiz question. Additionally you could deactivate the next button until the user has seen all 4 content layers.

Slide no.2: Show question and shorter answers. You could also allow the user to navigate back if he/she is unsure about the complete question.

This would be my plan if there is absolutely no possibility to shorten to answer.

Best regards