Top-tab Separator miss-align in HTML5

Aug 06, 2015

Top-tab Separator miss-align in HTML5.

I tried to resolve this issue by editing the Player.xml in published version.

Is there any other way to resolve?

Separator missalignmet

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sagar,

What update of Storyline 2 are you using? I know that there was an issue fixed in a recent update where they were missing entirely - so I'd want to make sure you were using the most recent update, Update 6 available here. 

If you're still seeing it, can you share where you're testing and viewing the HTML5 content so that we can look at recreating? You'll want to confirm you're using one of the supported browsers here. 

Ajay Khatri

Hi Ashley,

Yes, the issue is coming in viewing the content in HTML5 only.

I am uploading the .story file as well as the published content which was published on my machine.

One important point to mention is, when I created a similar file on Articulate Storyline 2 Update 6 this issue was not replicated.

Kind regards

Ajay Khatri

Christie Pollick

Hi, Ajay -- Thanks for touching base! I looked in on your case #00836208 and found that the following message was sent, so I thought I'd share it for others who may be following along:

"We have reviewed it and we were able to duplicate your issue. I have submitted your case to our Quality Assurance team for their review. Unfortunately I was unable to determine a workaround. I cannot offer a time frame for when or if this issue will be resolved. 

We will contact you as soon as a permanent solution is found."

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