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I'm creating a course that allows learners to choose which topic they would like to learn about by having 2 topic icons listed on a slide.  Once they click the icon, it takes them into a section about that specific topic.  Once the learner is done, it takes them back to the topic icon slide.

I would like to have the icon (which is a picture, not a shape) be greyed out once that subject has been covered.  I also would like to create a trigger to know when both topics have been covered and have a closing "congratulations you've completed both" slide to appear at the end.



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Jack Drolet

I think you can add a state to your picture and then recolor the picture in that new state. Look for Recolor in the Picture Tools format, and choose the greyed out one. 

You can create variables, like Activity1Complete (true/false), and then a trigger to change the variable from false to true when the criteria is met. Add another trigger to change the state of your image from Normal to the greyed out state you made when the variable changes. 

Kay Patel

Hi Walt

I have been trying to replicate the interaction in the file which you have uploaded but I am failing :(

I understand that you have added multiple methods of interaction in one .story but this is making it hard for me to follow as I cant see what I am doing wrong.

the issue that I am having Is that my End button keeps on appearing through the whole slide.

it is possible for you to split the mixed interaction slide into a new story so that I can link the variables and see where I am going wrong?


any help is really appreciated.