Total Quiz Questions

Jun 10, 2019

I want to thank Alyssa for the fine video on numbering randomly drawn quiz questions.

You'll notice that although the slide number is available as a variable, oddly the total quiz questions is not and must be hand-coded. Sure it can be a user variable but let's raise the bar.

The results slide creates a set of Built-In variables "Results.xxxxxx".  This is the place where the total number of quiz questions would be known to SL.  How about adding a new variable "Results.TotalQuestions"?


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Danny Cole

Hi Sam,

I have just figured out out how to do this while working on my current project with 5 sections of questions and thought it may be helpful (although a bit late).

1.  Create a variable called, “SceneQuestionsTotal” (call it what you like)
Type = Numeric
Default value = 0
01 Variable


2.  Then on the Master Slide add 2 triggers
Adjust variable "SceneQuestionsTotal" = project variable "Scene.TotalSlides"
When the timeline starts for each slide
(This sets the static “SceneQuestionsTotal" variable to the number value of the current "Scene.TotalSlides" variable)
02 Trigger 01

3.  Directly BELOW this trigger, subtract 1 from "Scene.TotalSlides"
BUT ADD the IF “SceneQuestionsTotal = "Scene.TotalSlides" so it only runs once !!!

And make sure it runs AFTER the variable is set first
 03 Trigger 02

The master slide triggers panel should look like this:
 04 triggers panel
4.  Lastly update the slide master text to show “Question # of %SceneQuestionsTotal%”
04 Master Slide view


and you should get:  (I have 10 questions and 1 results slide in each scene)
05 End result


I hope that helps,