Touch events in Storyline

Dec 05, 2022

So i needed to create a scrollable page in Storyline for mobile devices. Especially the touch-events on the different devices i struggled with. Only thing working properly at some point was the Scrolling Panel. But that i didnot wanted to use, mainly because a lot of other code would need to be reconfigured to work with it.
And i do not like the workflow of getting all assets into the Panel.

Already mailed support if they could aid me in figuring out a way, when i remembered ScrollTrigger plugin in GSAP. After checking the GSAP website i found the Observer plugin.
It really works like magic in Storyline, and you can watch all kinds of events...on any device you can imagine. I removed all unneeded events and with only the Observer i can now act on any event on any device.

I do think Articulate would be wise to update GSAP to the latest version and include the Observer plugin, as all developers here would be thrilled to not having to go through thousand hoops to get things working properly on mobile devices.

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