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Mar 02, 2015

I have a Storyline course built that needs to be tracked in our LMS. There is no quiz, but tracking by number of slides viewed is going to be tricky because not all slides are required, but if they view the first X number of required slides, it will be marked complete even if they haven't viewed the "required" slides.

I thought maybe I could create a one question 'quiz' which would essentially be a button that behind the scenes would mark it "correct" so they'd get a 100% and mark it as complete in the LMS, but I'm having trouble figuring out how to set this up. Is there a variable I can use to send to the LMS? If not, can I use "submit results" or do I have to have a "submit interaction" AND "submit results"?


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Mark Ward

Hi Leslie,

I've been experimenting with the same feature as you.  The attached Storyline 2 file is my solution.

Basically I've converted the last slides in each module to a pick one with the menu button submitting the interaction.  A blank results slide is inserted which will never be seen by the learner and the properties are set to use the 3 interactions.

Hope this makes things clear.

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