Tracking completion without a results slide

May 08, 2014

I have a program with 20 slides that moves in a linear fashion from Slide 1 to Slide 20. I want the participant to view each slide.

I have 4 slides containing optional content that the participant may elect to jump to and view, but this is not required. I currently have these set up as lightbox slides.

There is no quiz, consequently there is no results slide to report on.

The program has to report pass/fail to the LMS for the participant to view the next program in the series.

On publishing the object, I have the choice of reporting on slides viewed or results slide. As I said, there is no results slide so I can't select Track using quiz result. If I select Track using number of slides viewed I have to either set the number of slides viewed to 24 (the total number of slides, 20 main program + 4 lightbox) or 20 (the total number of slides in the main program).

Solutions I've considered:

  1. Set Track using number of slides viewed to 24 [then the participant has to view the 4 optional slides in addition to the 20 required slides. This is a non-starter since they wouldn't be able to figure it out from context and the LMS admin would be swamped with "why am I not passing this course"]
  2. Set Track using number of slides viewed to 20 (then the participants can quit the program after viewing 4 optional slides and only 16 required slides [this is one possible fix, since I would be very surprised if this would crop up in reality])
  3. Put in a quiz disguised as an interaction and use those results
  4. Do the optional slides as layers (however, I want them to be accessible from multiple required slides)

Currently I'm leaning toward solution 2. However all of these solutions seem somewhat inelegant and I'm looking for a better one.


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Paul Shorr

Solution 2 would work most of the time, but yes, it can be cheated.

Solution 3 can work, but it is not elegant.

Solution 4 is probably the best.  You can create slide masters with layers and controls to display one or more of the 4 optional slides as layers so that you don't have to duplicate them across all the places they need to appear.

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