Track Multiple Completion Criteria

May 09, 2024


I'm creating a course with a pre-check and if the learners pass the pre-check they receive credit for completing the course. If not, they must view the course slides and then receive credit for completing the course. 

With the Track Multiple Completion Criteria feature, whichever one the learner completes first is submitted to the LMS. But if they don't pass the pre-check then that is what gets passed to the LMS not that they eventually viewed all the slides. So, I think I need it to be an OR option. If they complete one or the other. 

I'm not sure how to accomplish this. Any suggestions or assistance is appreciated! 

Thank you!

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Andrew Hanley

Hi Jennifer. It sounds like you nearly have this one working well, and its just those users who fail the pre-check that isnt quite right.
I think you should be able to use a Course Completion trigger for these cases. So you might put it on the last slide of the course, or other suitable end point, and that will mark the course as "Passed" and "Complete" for those users too.

Judy Nollet

Storyline allows for tracking a course via a Pretest or a Final Assessment. 

  • If the user passes the quiz that's marked as a Pretest, that's submitted to the LMS as successful completion.
  • If the user doesn't pass the Pretest, that score isn't submitted. Instead, they'll have to pass the Final Assessment. 

It sounds like you don't want to require users to answer questions and pass a Final Assessment. However, you could include a disguised question slide and Results slide to use for tracking. 

  • The question slide could be anything that asks them to click a button—with that button being the "correct" answer. This could be a standard or Freeform question slide.
    • Turn off feedback, so there's no Correct or Incorrect layer. 
    • Use the Slide Properties to turn off the Submit button and show the Prev and Next buttons.
    • Put the Submit [interaction] trigger on the Next button. 
  • Another option for the question slide: 
    • Put an object with a Normal state and a Selected state off the slide.
    • Convert the slide to a Freeform pick-one question slide.
    • Indicate that the off-slide object is "correct." 
    • Add a trigger that changes the object to Selected when the timeline starts.
    • As with the other option, put the Submit [interaction] trigger on the Next button.
  • Redesign the Results slide however you want. You don't need it to show a Success or Failure layer. You just need its Submit Results trigger. And indicate that this is the Final Assessment.