Track Quiz results and but record Complete or Incomplete

Aug 26, 2016

My Storyline file includes 4 quiz questions and 1 survey question. I'm sending the published file to Articulate Online, and I would like to see the users' answers but mark the course Complete/Incomplete rather that marking anyone Pass or Fail. It seems simple enough, but if I use the results slide to track the course, and set the course to record Complete/Incomplete, the Results report on Articulate Online records a Fail and the status is Incomplete even though it shows me the results of all the questions I selected for my results slide. The quiz is set to a passing score of 0%. 

Can anyone advice me on how to publish so I can track quiz results but record status of Complete/Incomplete? Thank you!

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Chris Ammon

Thanks again James. I'm embarrassed to admit the fix. When we started the project the client didn't need data passed to the LMS so we had deleted the default, "Submit Results" trigger that is automatically added to all results slides! At least it was a quick fix once I noticed that (after 4 hours of troubleshooting!) Thanks again. It is interesting though, that even without that trigger I could see all the results in the LMS. It just didn't mark as complete. Anyway, happy Friday!

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