Incorrect number of slides displayed in tracking options


I am struggling with this short assessment module in an LMS. It is not coming up as complete once done. The module consists of 2 general slides + 15 questions from a quiz bank and 1 results slide = 18 in total. However, in the tracking options it indicates 19. Is this why I am getting an "incompete" status in the LMS. Also, when I re-enter the course after competing it, it asks to resume.

Tracking options

If I choose to track with 18/19 slides - I get a complete/incomplete status but then the pass/fail options and my quiz results are not displayed. GRRRRRRRRR

any advise?


Here are the slides (remember - there are 15 in the quiz bank)


 This was done in SL1


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Raj S

HI Lucia

its a strange issue, normally question bank pages will never count in total slides, i tried to replicate the same issue but could not find it. see the images for me total slide is showing only four



I have tested the build in moodle and i am able to get passed status in LMS.

i have attached the sample course for your more information


David Tait

Apologies if I'm completely missing the point here but I think you need to remove the second scene (assuming that you aren't using it), thus reducing the number of slides to four as per Sinchu's example above. The 19 slides that you are seeing is being caused by the second scene and these slides are never seen, making it impossible to complete the module.

Try removing this scene as a test and you should achieve completion when viewing in an LMS.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lucia,

If you're tracking by slides viewed, you won't see the quiz results or an actual score regardless of if you have included a results slide as that is not the element being reported to your LMS. Also what you see with the LMS is also dependent on the choice you chose in regards to the completion/passing information as detailed here, there are four different options based on how LMSs may use different language. 

If you continue to have difficulty within your LMS you may want to review the troubleshooting steps here and also look at testing the course in SCORM Cloud which is an industry standard for testing SCORM content. 

Leanne Falconer

Is there another way around this? I have a course which has a Question Bank of 15 questions. The reason for the question bank is allow for a randomised order for the questions. Having said that though now it only sees 3 slides - introduction, question slide holder and results slide. But when running this through an LMS each question is seen as a slide so it makes you as complete after just viewing the intro slide and answering 2 of the 15 questions. 

Any ideas?