Track what sections of a course a student completed


I have a client who does not want a quiz to be added to the course, they just want a module on their LMS for existing reps to access if they need help with certain sections of their upgraded software.  So the learner will be able to pick the section they want to view and just review that section.  They do want the ability to see what section the rep took. 

Would a pick many survey question with a survey results slide be able to communicate this to an LMS?

Thank you!!

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Michael Shannon

Hey Vanessa. We just use a Pick One. That allows a lot of customization. For instance, if you don't want to require the learner to click a checkbox, "I attest..." then you could use the pick one and change the state of the object to selected when the timeline start and go to slide when timeline starts so the learner never sees the slide but it gets reported to the LMS when the activity closes. You would have to use a results slide to report. This could all be integrated into the first two slides if you needed to have the tracking done as soon as they open the activity. 

Christie Pollick

Hi, Vanessa -- Thanks for your follow-up, and as far as I am aware, you will have to hit the results slide for calculation of results to take place. You may want to check out Michael's suggestion once more, as that will provide you with an option to bypass the results, as in not having to view them. Does that make sense?