Tracking Completion in Moodle

Aug 29, 2013

Stuck! Please help! 

  1. I have created several interactions, and outputted using SCORM 1.2 
  2. We have uploaded these interactions to a course in Moodle 2.3
  3. We only need to track based on accessing and clicking through the interaction - no quiz slides. 

Should I have outputted using anything else? 

Does anyone know how we work the Moodle end? We have tried uploading as a SCORM package and as a resource. 

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Stefano Posti

Hello Dani,

Moodle best tracks when using Passed/Incomplete option when you upload a SCORM package.

In Articulate you could publish a Course either tracking a Quiz result (Best choice, even if it's a simple slide with a single question like "Have you finished?..." It will track with no issues !!) or tracking the course for slides viewed (But here you should use the complete/incomplete Option and you may experience some issues).

When you build up the Scorm activity, use "Learning Object" as grading option; It will result 1= Passed - completed or 0 = incomplete.)

Are your Scorm packages published only from Engage? (not Presenter, I mean); in that case, you may need to build a simple presentation, a PPTX, with a presentation slide, your Engagé interaction, and a final quiz slide to make sure

hope it helps.


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