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Oct 31, 2013

Hey there,

we are producing a course where the learner refreshes his knowledge.
To get his
he has to visit 80% of the slides.
When I published the course the LMS is getting the info that the course will be completed by visiting XX of XX slides.

Now my question:  

How can the user see to how many percent  the course is completed?
Can I build a slide for tracking information?

Anyone an idea? Is there a way to make it possible?



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Adam Mac

Is your course linear? Or are the learners encouraged to / allowed to view slides in whichever order they choose?

I ask, because using a single variable, a trigger on each slide, and a reference to the variable on each slide you could easily display a %, however this method fails if users revisit pages. It becomes a more complicated solution involving conditions on the triggers if this is the case.

Josh Uhlig

Hi Marina,

Welcome to the forums.  As suggested above, you can do this with variables and triggers.

  1. Add a unique true/false variable for each slide with an initial value of false.  This will keep track of whether the slide has been visited.

  2. Add a number variable with an initial value of zero.  This will keep track of how many slides have been visited.

  3. On each slide, add a trigger (when timeline starts) that adds a value of 1 to the number variable with the condition that the true/false variable has a value of false.  This must be the first trigger listed.

  4. Add a second trigger to each slide (also when timeline starts) that changes the value of the true/false variable to true.  This must be the second trigger.  The order of these two triggers is important or it won't work correctly.

You can then display the value of the number variable where you want on the slide, or you can use another variable to calculate a percentage from it and display the percentage instead.

David Roth

Building on Marina's question, I am building a course that does the same thing. I followed the instructions provided by Josh and it works great! The problem I have run into is that the learner must be able to navigate through the course. When the learner hits the results page a percent of pages visited is displayed. If the learner clicks on the course outline, in the player, and revisits pages, these values are then concantinated to the original percent. For example, if the learner visited 2/10 pages the first time, they are presented 20% on the results slide. If the learner then clicks on the course outline, in the player, and visits two more slides and then returns to the results slide, they are presented with 220%

Any idea on how to solve this issue?

Thank you,


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi David and welcome to Heroes! 

Have you looked into the revisiting properties for your slides? You'll want the slides to "resume saved state" so that the variables aren't triggered again by a revisit. It does seem odd that the percent is being set to 220% so that may be something where I'd need to look at your triggers and variables to see how it's determining that percentage. Are you able to share the Storyline file here with us or even a mocked up version? 

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