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Sep 20, 2013

Good morning! 

I am building a module for a client that will mostly delivered offline through a CD.  We will  be utilizing the print results function to print a certificate to show completion. A question was raised if there is the functionality of a save as with the certificate image so the results could be saved electronically and emailed later.  Also they may not have a PDF reader on all computers and wondering if there was another output.  I am still VERY new to builiding courses and understanding all of the funcionality.  I am not sure what if any solution is out there for this request. 

How have you or would you handled this situation?  

Also I tried to look at past discussions and couldn't find anything, so if there is something out there please point me in that direction

Thanks everyone!!!


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sandie coco

Hi Sarah -

I did something similar but with an online course. I wanted a custom certificate that populated the learner's name and the date. I used javascript to do this. First, I used javascript to pull the learner's name from the LMS. Since you're doing this via CD, I would guess that you just have them type in their name. Once I had the certificate displayed on the screen, I used window.print() to pop-up the print dialog box. Even running the course on a CD would have the course launch in a browser so that could work. There are some issues with javascript & certain browsers, so you'd have to test it out. Here's a link to W3Schools which is an excellent resource for javascript coding.

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