Tracking percent progress in external LMS

Sep 19, 2014

Hi, I am trying to run an Articulate Storyline scorm 1.2 course in an external LMS. It runs fine but I can not see a way to track progress through the course to the lms (which the client wants). Scorm 2004 have a progress measure field but I can't see anything similar in 1.2, and I can't decode the suspend data (which I have been able to do for some other scorm courses). Am I missing something here, or is this difficult to do? I am saving passed, failed, score, completed and so on, but they would like a percent progress.

I see the suspend data is encoded, is it possible to decode?

Many thanks for your help,


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Sarah Chacko

Thank you very much. So, decoding the suspend data is not possible. Is there any way to set a variable in the cmi from inside the course, so that I can retrieve it and store it?

We are dealing with a set of courses, some of which have a quiz and some of which don't. We are happy to export to scorm 1.2 or scorm 2004.

We want all of the courses to save a percentage progress so that we can display this on lists for students and teachers, in the LMS. We are currently only able to retrieve the score if there is one and whether the course is completed.If we set track by slides completed, it sets completed but doesn't send us any details of number of slides, and that option is only available if you don't track by score.

Which cmi fields can be set by an Articulate Storyline course?

Anne .

Hi Phil

How do you hide slides from a student? I have several projects that require progress to be shown in the LMS for reporting/compliance purposes but I don't want the student to see the results slides that will be scattered throughout the course.

Is it possible to hide slides in this way and if so how is it done?

Best regards

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Anne,

This thread is a bit older so I'm not certain that Phil is still subscribed - but I assume he means hidden either removing them from the menu (results slides are not included in the menu by default) or allowing the user to visit the slide to have everything submitted, but than also quickly jumping to the next slide automatically therefore the user doesn't see much (or any) of that slide. You could also remove the information on the results slide and as long as you keep the triggers, the information will be submitted and tracked. 

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