Tracking question number during review with a random quiz.

Hi everyone,

I'm unable to make a trigger work on the next button while in review mode on a quiz. The Previous button is working fine but not the next button.

Basically, I have a random quiz and I'm using a variable to track the question number. During the quiz itself it works fine but I can't make it work in Review mode.

I've submitted an help request wondering if there is a problem with the next button during the review but I'm posting it here as well hoping that maybe one of you tried it already and found a solution.


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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Solange - Thank you for letting us know that you reached out to the support team as well (01034936). It looks like Renato is currently testing your file, so I would recommend that you continue working with him.

Of course, if any users have experience or suggestions I hope they chime in as well.

I'll follow along too.