Tracking Quiz Results in a branched project with two result slides

I built a Storyline 360 project. The project has two paths. The employee picks the path based on the company they work for. (Employees who pick path #1 are employed with Company ABC and employees who pick path #2 are employed with Company XYZ.) Each path has it own quiz. I need to be able to pass a score and a complete/incomplete to our LMS. My question is how can I pass the results from result slide ABC OR results from result slide XYZ to the LMS. I only need to pass the results from one result slide ABC or XYZ not both. When I go to publish under tracking I can only pick one results slide to track.

Any thoughts or help would be appreciated!


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Vincent Scoma

Hi Edith,

Thank you for reaching out! 

With the September 2020 update to Storyline 360, it will now send results to your LMS for the first quiz each learner completes. In a scenario with branching paths, even though you won't know which path the learner takes, Storyline 360 will send results to your LMS for the quiz that the learner completes.

This guide provides much more details on this here: 

I hope this helps!