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Sep 24, 2014

I can't search the site for any previous threads (support ticket opened -- every search is returning zero results), so sorry if this has been covered.

I don't currently do any tracking of quizzes or surveys.  I just use them currently for interactions.  I remember Articulate Presenter could only track results on one quiz per course.  Does SL2 have any similar limitations?  I was thinking of buying Articulate Online to use for some customer tests and surveys and didn't know if each one would have to be a separate content item or I could combine several into one SL2 output.



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Emily Ruby

Hello Heather!

The site search issue is something we have had other reports of, and we are currently working on a resolution to that.

As far as quizzes, within Storyline, you can add as many quiz slides as you need. There are several templates to choose from. You can use multiple result slides in an Articulate Storyline course, and even combine them for a composite score. Here is a tutorial about adding result slides and configuring their properties.

Here is some information on quizzes in Storyline 2, and about what quiz data is sent to LMS from Storyline.

Let us know if you need anything else!

Emily Ruby

Hello Heather,

In SL 2 you can add multiple questions in one course. You can have them all end up on one results slide, or you can make results slides throughout the course for a few select questions, then one final results slide that will pull results from the other results slides in the course, instead of quiz questions individually.

Its really your choice, if you want to have separate quizzes with their own scores for users to see, or if you want them to have one final result at the end.

It's under Step 2 here. 

If you do separate results slides, with one final results slide at the end follow this to have that information tracked:

When you publish using the Articulate Online, under properties it has the tracking set at the final results slide by default. You can click on that if you want to change the tracking to a different results slide. (if you use a different LMS this info will be found under Output Options, Reporting and tracking, and you cannot change the default results slide)

You cannot track by results slide and by number of slides viewed in the same course. Also, you cannot track multiple results slides. There are options for that in the article you posted.

Hope this helps.

Heather Beaudoin

Thanks for the extra info.  It sounds like I could create one SL2 course as a replacement for 5 class surveys we currently have on SurveyMonkey.  When the user enters, they choose the survey they want to take (1 of the 5) and submit it.

To build it, I would create a results slide for all five, and then I would create a final results slide that compiles all the entries from all 5 surveys.  So, if they did happen to complete info on more than one survey at a time, it would all come back in one result group.

I'm curious if that's a good idea, or if I should just bite the bullet on Content Items limitations and create 5 separate surveys.

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