Can some one point me to where the tutorials are for using the lightbox. I don't really understand what it is or how to use it and when I try to search for it I get lot's of other options. I think the search feature should be enhanced to allow you to search a specific area of the Articulate website. Currently it searches tutorials and forums which ads a lot of clutter to the search results.

Jesse Kramer

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Justin Grenier

Good Afternoon, Jesse.

There is a pretty great Forum Thread here discussing the Lightbox Trigger.  I recommend checking it out, as folks have put together several tutorials, screen captures, and templates right there within the thread.

You make an excellent point regarding the missing features of Search, and this is something that we have slated for improvement.  In the interim, Adrian put together a nice tutorial (and a follow up here) on using Google to perform a targeted search of

Judith Blackbourn

Hi all,

Still can't find something that tells me how to insert a lightbox. The threads I looked at were about using a lightbox in a special ways, such as adding on to a tab, adding triggers to it, and manually creating a lightbox.

What are the steps for just adding a lightbox to a slide? Is it on a layer? How do you control the size and shape (if you can). Where do you put the material you want to show on top?

Sorry to be dense -- couldn't find it in a tutorial either.


Judith Blackbourn

OK, I must be doing something wrong.

I created another slide containing the graphic I want in the lightbox. (put it in a new scene)

On my original slide, I added a button (:() and set the trigger to

Action: Lightbox slide

Slide: 3.1 Dup lightbox

When: User clicks

Object: Button 1

But when I preview the original slide and click the button, nothing happens.

What did I miss?

sandie coco

I am able to use Lightbox slide and have viewed the tutorials which show that. Can a lightbox be a layer or an object?

For example, I want a dialog box to pop up at 3 seconds with a message. Clicking the X button would be a trigger to close the box. I usually do this with layers. Add the dialog box to another layer and then the X button hides the layer when clicked. But, then I have to trigger the layer and I don't want the user to have to click to see the dialog box. To get around this, I have the layer triggered at the end of the timeline and I shortened the timeline.

Geert De Rycke

Hi Sandie,

A lightbox slide is actually a real slide (having layers of its own) and can therefore not be on a layer. It is just displayed in a different way... On top of your presentation.

I've attached an example for you

It is a slide that opens the same slide once as a lightbox and once as normal slide. The only difference is in the trigger that opens the slides

When it opens as a lightbox, there's a trigger fired when the timeline ends that closes the lightbox...
Hope it helps