Tracking results when publishing to Web?

Jan 04, 2017 it possible to track quiz results when publishing an Articulate Storyline file as a link on a website? Or is publishing to LMS the only way to do this? We are wanting a way to confirm that our physicians take annual HIPAA training, but we do not have them set up in our LMS at the moment. In the past we've done a paper-based training for the physicians.


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Luke Benfield

Hi Eric,

I think there is a way to use Javascript to send information from variables and quizzes to a Google spreadsheet. I'll let another community or staff member fill you in some resources to do that.

Another option, which may be more cumbersome (but free), would be to use the Print Results feature on the results slide to generate a report of the quiz results and have the participants email that to an administrator.

Hope those methods will help get you started. Someone else may have additional solutions for you.