Tracking the progress from one scene to another...

Oct 30, 2015

Hello guys, to get to the point here is my probleme:

> In my storyline project i have 2 scenes ( lets name them scene 1 and scene 2)
>Scene 1 has Slide_01 and Slide_02
>Scene 2 has Slide_03
>In Scene 1, slide_01 and slide_02 there is a button with an identical trigger wich is: if you click it you will be redirected to Slide_03 from Scene 2 

....So far so good, now here comes the real thing

>On Slide_03 from Scene 2 there is a button. I want to add a trigger to that button wich will bring me to the exact slide ( in this case slide 1 or 2) from where i initially came.

I just dont know how to track a progress from a scene to another, in my case i dont know how to make a trigger wich knows from what slide (from another scene) i came from.

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Belen Ferrer

Hi Dareois,

How about creating a variable to track your user's trajectory?

From the trigger panel, create a new variable. Call the variable ComesFrom and make it a Text variable (yes, you could use True/False if you are comfortable with that, or a Number; Text or Number are more flexible if you actually have more than two slides to choose from to go back to).

Then, create a trigger on both Slide_01 and Slide_02 that Assigns variable ComesFrom to value "Slide01" (or "Slide02") when Timeline starts on Slide_01 (or Slide_02). OR you can make that same trigger happen when user clicks the button on each slide to go to Scene 2.

Next, you're going to create two conditional triggers in Scene 2. Just in case you don't know where to do that, here's a screenshot from Storyline 1:

The look is a little different in Storyline 2 but it all works the same way.

So, on the Scene 2 Back button you created, add two triggers. One will Jump to Slide_01 IF variable ComesFrom is Equal to "Slide01". The other will Jump to Slide_02 IF variable ComesFrom is Equal to "Slide02".

Note that if for whatever reason your user clicks on that Back button WITHOUT having assigned a value to ComesFrom (maybe there's a way to navigate there using the player navigation that doesn't set off your triggers), then the Back button will fail. Which is all to say, make sure to test it thoroughly.

Hope this helps!

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