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May 13, 2014


I am developing a system simulation using Storyline's screen recording function (view, try, and test modes). During the "test mode", is it possible for Storyline to track how many clicks a user does while attempting to accomplish a task? For example, a task might have 3 clicks, but the user will do 10 trying to figure it out...



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Hassan Altaf Qazi

Hey Ghislaine!

Yes it is possible....

For doing so...create a numeric variable....Paste the hot spot on the slide and send it to back....Add all the possible triggers to add 1 when user clicks on all the objects that appears on the slide...including click on hotspot(hotspot is meant to cover the clicks on empty space.)...If u need the count  of next button too, so add a trigger for it as well.

Hope it helps.

Best of luck!

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