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We're looking into the possibility of getting rid of our LMS and just place all of our Storyline courses on webpages. However, we would like to be able to award certificates to our users upon completion of certain courses, but don't know if this is possible without an LMS. 

We're exclusively training customers and partners, so if it is possible to register completion in our CRM where they are already registered, it would be perfect. 

Has anyone successfully done anything similar? Is it possible to pick up a "completion signal" from the Storyline module when it is deployed on a webpage?


Any inputs would be appreciated!


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Steve Gannon

Hi Martin,

Many organizations use Google Sheets to record Storyline data (you can search this forum for "google sheet" and you will find many discussions on this topic).

You can also use Storyline's support of JavaScript to pass data to "middleware" (such as a PHP file) which in turn can send the data to a database you establish on a web server. A PHP coder may even be able to transmit the data to your CRM.

If you don't need to actually track user progress and performance and instead only want to issue a certificate to end-users for their own files, Storyline can display a certificate with the user's name (just prompt for, and capture, the user's name in a variable). There are methods to enable the user to print the certificate. Again, lots of "certificate" discussions in this forum that you can leverage.


Math Notermans

As mentioned above... Google and databases are the options. For writing in and out to Google you can use a Google cloud function to make it easy and quick. If a Google cloud function is setup on your Google account you can write and read any data easily.

Other great option is Firebase/Firestore... In fact also Google, but its a realtime online database. With Javascript you can read and write realtime to the database.