Transferring Results to an LMS

I have a branching scenario that has pass/fail results that are based on variables that are referenced in a custom results screen (not an official "results" screen).  Since I didn't use quiz slides or an official results slide, is there a way to get an LMS to track my results that are shown as referenced variables?  The LMS is Articulate Online.  Thanks!

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Mark Heid

I still need to figure out how to possibly get a solution like Matthew's to work with number variables.  Any other thoughts?  I tried to see if I could set the value of a text variable to the number variable and then plug those in to Matthew's solution, but it wouldn't let me. 

Matthew, your time is appreciated - thank you!


Matthew Bibby

Hey Mark,

Unfortunately, I don't think it is possible, although you may be able to workaround this limitation.

Are there many possible values? If not, you could try setting up a bunch of triggers along the lines of "If YourNumberVariable is equal to 1, then set YourTextVariable to 1" - obviously this would only work if you know all of the possible answers.

Alternatively, (assuming the correct answer is 1) you could try "If YourNumberVariable is not equal to 1, then set TextVariable to Incorrect". Hope that helps.