Transition result slides

Dear all!

I’m lost with that! I attached you my Storyline Project. As you can see, when you finish the quiz, the result slide appear like 0.5 seconds and I don’t have idea about the problem. There’n no transition in this slide.

Moreover, the 2nd slide is a quiz without results slide. You can not pass it till you chose the correct answer. The problem is the message like ‘try again’ appears again like 0.5 seconds. Why????

Thank you some much in advance!

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Randy Hill

So the second slide is because you have a transition on the slide that it is going off screen on open, which makes it disappear and then the slide layer is just resuming when it gets back to the slide. I would remove those transitions, they are not needed.

That is more than likely what is wrong with the results slide as well, you have it transitioning out not in.