Translation import, text size changing; issues with question bank

Dec 09, 2014

We have a recurring issue with translations in Storyline 2. When we import a translated file, the new text (in Storyline 2) is at a bigger font size than the original. This has been a significant problem for Japanese, Chinese and Thai translations, but is also happening with European languages, including re-imports of English content.

We have also found that question banks are not re-importing correctly, resulting in us having to manually cut and paste questions.

Has anyone had similar experiences?

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Srinivas Kumar K

Hi Elspeth Timmans,


I think there is an issues with text in Stroyline2. Even when you set the text font size in master slides, when you edit the text in the slides it will change automatically. This happens for English as well.


I think Storyline team is working on this issues, might get sorted in the next update, hopefully.



Srinivas K

Elspeth Timmans

Hi Jim,
The case number is: # 00444421

There isn’t a fix – I’m hoping its a one off as we have a lot of these to do (21 languages). I’ll keep you posted.

All the best

Here’s Emily’s reply:

Hi Elspeth,

I tested your file, and the word Document would not translate any of the slides. What I did was copy your question bank slides into a new file, and re did the translate export/import. They did translate as expected. You can see the attached file for reference. I cut it down to only 2 questions for file size.
I would suggest translating the bank slides separately, then copy them back into the original file.

If you continue to have this issue, I would follow the steps in this article:

Just reply to this email if you need more help.


Emily Burnett
Community Moderator
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