Translation in Storyline 2


I love Storyline 2! Have any tutorials or instructions been written for how to use the translation/localization features? Has anything been changed for translation between Storyline 1 and Storyline 2?

Please point me to any instructions that may exist or tell me how to get started trying to localize content for Storyline 2 if anything has changed related to this.



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Tuck Crocker

Import of (.doc) translation file is completing successfully (get "congratulations" message) but the storyline material still appears in English and the translated material is nowhere to be found. attached please find the translation file. The storyline file is 1.3G and appears to be too big to upload.

Leslie McKerchie

I apologize Tuck. That is a pretty large file. Does translation work for you in a smaller file?

Do you expect that the file should be that large, or perhaps importing in a new file will assist.

You could share here privately, but I fear it may still be too large. Do you have the ability to share via FTP perhaps?

Tuck Crocker

I could do it with WeTransfer if you can deal with that. Just need an email

You guys should be used to Storyline McBloatfiles !! I don’t know what you
put in them, but they tend to be huge!


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