Translation of Quiz Review Correct/Incorrect Feedback?

Apr 20, 2022

Hi, my colleague and I are stumped on this one and hoping someone can help.

We are translating a knowledge assessment quiz into multiple languages. When importing the translation document, the questions, choices, and initial feedback layers of correct/incorrect/try again all translate correctly. But when you Review Quiz at the end, the feedback from the quiz review only shows correct/incorrect in English. 

GMP refresher follow up CN | Review 360 (

We checked over the translation document and don't see any missed fields. We looked to see if we could edit the field in Storyline under "Post Quiz Results --> More..." but that wasn't it either. We aren't looking to edit the master slides because we need to have multiple translations within one story file. 

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Elizabeth, 

The Correct and Incorrect text that appears across the bottom of the question slides during a Review is pulled from the Text Labels in the Player. 

Storyline also uses Text Labels for standard program messages. For example, this includes the warning about needing to answer a question before clicking Submit and the prompt to resume when restarting a course.

Text Labels are available in multiple languages. However, you can only designate 1 Text Labels language per course. That's why it's best to use different Storyline files for different languages. 

Judy Nollet

FYI: The Forum has multiple posts asking about how to get rid of the Correct/Incorrect banners that appear during a Review. They can't be deleted. However, you can cover them up by putting another object over that position in the Review layer. 

SL will automatically add a Review layer to a question slide if you enter something in the "Post-quiz review" field in Form View:

Or you could just add a new layer and call it "Review."