Translation tool for xliff files

Oct 05, 2021

Hi all.  We are trying to work out how to get our Storyline content translated.  The translation export is obviously the way to go.  We've ruled out the .doc export as we use bullets and indents, which are known to not be well supported by this method.

So, we are trying xliff.  So far, I have not been able to get any translated xliff to import to Storyline 3.  I've tried xliff 1.2 and 2.0, and many free and demo translation tools and sites.  All I get is an instant 'import successful' message, but nothing gets changed.

The simple question is, can anyone recommend a tool for translating xliff whose output can be successfully imported to Storyline?



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Leah Hemeon

Hi there - we’ve been using Rise’s export to xliff option for a while. We use SmartCat’s free options for translation. As long as you pay attention to the tags when translating, it has imported back into Rise flawlessly. We’ve also used the same with Storyline on a couple of short courses and those worked great too. 

Paul Barker

Partially answering my own question, I've had some success with Smartcat.  The translation is imported into my story, so that is one hurdle crossed.

What I can't find is a tool that obscures all of the xliff tags.  It would be highly desirable to send the translation to someone with just the text showing.  Needing to show a translator how to navigate around tags to do the translation is not going to work for everyone.  Many people are scared off by 'code'.

Some odd things appear in the xliff also, eg "Graphical user interface, application.  Description automatically generated with medium confidence".  Things like this need to be explained and skipped in the translation.

We had some good success with Pairaphrase for translations with Presenter in PowerPoint.  This just displayed the text, but preserved all of the formatting and placement.  I'm hoping to find a tool that can work the same with xliff.

Any ideas?

Paul Barker

Hi Sergio.  Thanks.  Needing to get our translators to buy and install software is not really the way we want to go.  We also aren't too interested in machine translation.  We are in a specialist engineering field and there are a lot of terms that machine translation gets wrong and also many that stay in English.  We would be happy to just have a tool that presents the xliff in a human-readable form for translation, review and editing.