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dave lees

Thanks for your response Diane, I have set everything to 100 % transparent but the page bg color seems to show up over top of my html background image ... there is a way to set the background of a Flash file to transparent using wmode=transparent as a variable but for some reason this doesn't work either.

dave lees

Nancy Woinoski said:

Hi Dave - Unfortunately, you can't set the page bg to transparent - this would be a nice feature to have. It would really open up a lot of design possibilities.

Actually you can, I just figured it out, you need to edit the html:

var g_stfMode = "transparent";

var g_atrBgColor = "";

I did also set the html background colour in Storyboard to 100% transparent as well.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kieran,

No apologies necessary, we're still here. 🙂

With the modern player you can select a dark or light theme, then choose an accent color from the color selector (the default accent color choices come from your theme colors).

You can also quickly turn off all player features for a chromeless look by flipping a switch. See this link for more details.
There isn't a change to allow for a transparent player setting yet, but if you'd like to share some more detail on how this would help your course I can pass along to our product team as a feature request!