Transparent Background Video Support?!


I exported a QuickTime video with Alpha + RGB setting in after effect and when I Imported it to Storyline 3 (Lastest version) instead of transparent I got a black background. ( Using HTML5 output and chrome)

I'm looking for a solution to this?

Is Storyline capable of importing transparent videos or No It Just Can't?


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Andreia Rodrigues

It is UNBELIEVABLE how a big company like Articulate ignore their customer. We pay a lot (it is not a cheap license) for this software, and we have asked for simple features for OVER 7 YEARS, and we get nowhere!
From today I will send a form for a feature request for this and another one for the Rewind button every day in the hopes they will at least address it, put it on the roadmap or something. 
You guys can send a request too. Here is the link.

Michael Anselmo

I have needed this feature too for a number of courses, and I know I will need it in the future as well. I know I have searched for this before. Please add this to the roadmap. This and the word count in Rise (I cannot believe the number of time that one comes up in my e-mails, and I have yet to see a response on it). At the very least, adding the features or not, someone should at least address it, make a comment, explain why it's not a priority, or what is a priority over it and why. Communicate please! I'm a huge fan of the Articulate 360 suite and promote it all the time, but sometimes I get frustrated with things like this. So far my workaround has been to add a solid background in either Camtasia or Premiere Pro, but sometimes the background cannot be a solid color and would be better overlaid onto another image or non-solid background. Having this ability would save time and allow me to do it with less tools. Thank you.

Andrea Koehntop

Hello Andreia and Michael!

Thank you for taking the time to share details on how this feature request would be beneficial to you. I have shared your comments with my team. 

For a little more background, this is how we manage feature requests.

Michael, regarding your request on word count in Rise: I have linked you to receive updates on that current feature request. 

We will be sure to update you if this feature makes it onto our feature roadmap!