Tried to change a master slide in Storyline 360 but it won't change

I tried to change a master slide in Storyline 360 but it won't save the change. It reverts back/ I don't know why

First attachment is what I want the master slide to look like.

Second attachment is what it looks like not keeping the change


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Steve! Thanks for reaching out!

It looks like you meant to attach two screenshots, but only one came through. Could you click here to open the discussion, then attach the other screenshot to a new reply? 

If you also don't mind sharing a small sample of your file, that would be really helpful. I'd love to get a closer look at how you set up the slide master. Thanks!

Greta Blash

Hi Alyssa

I have attached my PowerPoint file: Role of the Project Manager so you can see the formats

and also my Storyline 360 file: Role of PM. The first file is a PDF of what was missing in the first message I sent.

I tried to import the PowerPoint file into my Storyline file but I was getting an error message and tried all of the suggestions that were available but nothing worked. I submitted a case