Trigers and Variables with >=

Sep 20, 2013

I have some triggers that change the state of an image when a variable (Step) is greater than or equal to a value. 

for example:

Change state of image1 to selected if

variable Step is greater than or equal to 3

When the variable gets set to 3 nothing happens.

When it gets incremented to 4 then the trigger occurs.

It seems it is only checking greater than.

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Also, Ramon, out of curiosity, do you have other increments in numbers besides that one that could be confusing things?

For example, I had a situation where I wanted to:

Show Layer A when timeline starts if variable NAME is less than or equal to 7

Show Layer C when timeline starts if variable NAME is greater than or equal to 13

And wanted  Layer B to show when variable NAME is between 7 and 13... so 

BUT of course in the condition field the digits that are entered must be greater than 8 and less than 12

Just a thought...

Ramon Smitherman

View it online here

Attached is the Story file for the "Process Stepper"

The blue buttons on the bottom show layers with no variables or conditions

The buttons increment the variable 'step' by 1 either up or down

The x button resets the step variable to 0

Each box in the flowchart has a state of selected with is transparent yellow.

My example demonstrates the problem with the first box.

when the > trigger increments step from 0 to 1 then the state changes to selected if

step is >= to 1.  It does nothing.  Not until step becomes 2 does the box change state.

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