Jun 11, 2014

I have a question with a "Yes"/"No" choice. Yes being the correct answer.

When Yes is selected, I don't want the user to click on Submit to reveal the feedback. When Yes is selected, it must immediately display the feedback without having to click on Submit. The user reads the feedback and click on the "Continue" button to proceed to the next step. Is this possible? If it is, how?

When the user selects No, Feedback must be displayed (without having to click on Submit) with a "Try Again" button.

 When the user click on the "Try again" button, it must "reload" the same question and allow the user to make a choice. (the correct one).  Is this possible?

Thank you for helping me with this.

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Lisa Whalen

I also have a form that I need to send to print or send to PDF.  Can Storyline do this?  

For example..a form with contact information and so forth that needs to be saved as a PDF or word document on submit.  That is part of a module that I need to build.

My apologies...this got posted in the wrong thread...I tried to delete it but it wouldn't...

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