Trigger action when video reaches ...

Oct 11, 2021


I have a video (mp4) on a slide and I want a box to pop up when the video reaches a certain point (9 minutes 22 seconds).  The box (a shape containing text) is to cover some outdated info in the video and display the correct.

It doesn't seem to work!  Is the because timeline events are for the slide and not the video it contains?

Storyline 3.



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Phil Mayor

The timeline is for the slide, however if the video plays automatically at the start of the timeline it is attached to the timeline, if it starts later or runs via a trigger it is detached from the timeline.

That said the video will depend on how it downloads it would be better to edit the video and overlay a box 

Mike Stewart

Thank you Phil,

The video does start automatically when the slide loads, but I suppose that if the user pauses, rewinds or fast forwards the video it would mess up the timing?

So, it's probably a better idea to find someone who can edit the video and overlay the correct information.